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2Mthanks: it is Because... by Wen-M 2Mthanks: it is Because... by Wen-M
I chosed to use this old drawing for the 20th pic because this was the first angel that i drew, when i started the Angels & demon series, way back in 2003.

As I said in the comments on pic 19, i became nostalgic lately because winter started.

Thinking back, I was, and still am afraid to be a one trick pony, so even though I knew that my angels and demons series was what got me popular here on DA, i tried to draw other things as well. Thanks to the support from you guys, I have had a few dreams came true...which, i shouldn't share because they would make me sound super egotistic to say them outloud. hahaha

but anyways. the 2M series has came to an end. some of you didn't like this series, and i can see why, but it had to be done because of my lack of personal time for the past months. and to be honest with you, i had grew sick with the series since pic 10. hahahaa. but yeah. i wanted to finish it before moving onto other drawings. =]

so yeah. color pics will be back starting from the next update. XD



(Oh yeah, i talk a lot. sorry =P )
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NocturnP Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010
Love nostalgy! This pic reminds me something good in my childhood...
AlwaysandForever Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2008
very graceful :) your simple stuff is great. The whole series was very creative..also everytime it seemed to be streaming on the same style you ere suprisingly varied with certain things it would be a whole different idea of the characters. yay :) good job
arttoheart Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007
i like yours draws!! really
talikira Featured By Owner May 3, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Wow... she's beautiful... :> And I love all the colours on this...

I especially like how you did her wings and her dress. <3
Straight2u Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2007
GREAT GALLERY LOVED IT! but this was the one i've loved the most, it is simple and captures it all...I shouldn't comment art cause i really don't know what to say... hope that the words fantastic and touched my heart can be enough... really loved it!!!! GREAT! kiss bye
RampantGryphon Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2007
My daughter saw this over my shoulder and adores it. Great job.
Wen-M Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2007
thanks =]
Arthammer Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2007
Beautiful lines!
mizutamari Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2006  Student Filmographer
You need to IM me... I wanna hear these "dreams" of yours! XD
nemcio Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2006
swordbunny4486 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2006
I love it! It is simply awesome!
DarkSandstorm Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2006
Wen-M, no matter what you say, Im still going to love your art. Granted, your coloring skills usually appeal to the mass market, and I admit that they catch the eye better, but personally Im going to be impressed with anything you do. Demons or not.
Your artwork is flawless and beautiful.
Wen-M Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2006
DarkSandstorm Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2006
bigguy90 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2006  Student Digital Artist
nice wings!
KitsuneEclipse Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2006
I think that's one of the only drawings I've seen of yours where the details aren't mind-boggling. (Mind you, not that I complain about the details. Curse that you're so good at them, maybe, but never complain!) I liked the series, but I'm looking forward to color again.
aseariel Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
she's as lovely as ever :)
kisire Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2006
Omg it's super pretty! xD
Cidade Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2006
Congratulations! You are not an one tricky poney, but the next big thing! heheh, sorry for this infamous joke, you are awesome!
aodnight Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2006
Nie rzucim ziemi, skąd nasz ród,
Nie damy pogrzeć mowy!
Polski my naród, polski lud,
Królewski szczep piastowy,
Nie damy by nas zniemczył wróg...

- Tak nam dopomóż Bóg!

Do krwi ostatniej kropli z żył
Bronić będziemy Ducha,
Aż się rozpadnie w proch i w pył
Krzyżacka zawierucha.
Twierdz? nam będzie każdy próg...

- Tak nam dopomóż Bóg!

Nie będzie Niemiec pluł nam w twarz,
Ni dzieci nam germanił.
Orężny wstanie hufiec nas,
Duch będzie nam hetmanił,
Pójdziem, gdy zabrzmi złoty róg...

- Tak nam dopomóż Bóg!
gin-sa07 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2006
wow that is amazing also i am liking you more and more lol not like that lol
NuX Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2006
aw...some of us love your awesome style, that's all!! :) whatever you draw is AWESOME :D
Rob-Lucci Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2006
Impresive Skill when it comes to coloring!!
madame-faith Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2006
this is beautiful...really beautiful. I love how the dress looks smooth
Frostypeanut Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2006
I love the wings and the dress-great job!
Trinity-Typhoon Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2006
Wow, Wen. Very lovely and simple. I can see how this was the beginning of that splendid series. I've liked the 2 Million thanks series; this was a nice way to finish it up and tie it back to the beginning.
Oboe-Hobo Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2006
I still love angels
J-san Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2006
If the beauty of a mind cannot be shared through words, let it guide your brush/pencil/stylus...

I've always had a thing for artists that dwell on their worx long and hard, and seeing this piece from you makes me realise I have not put my admiration wrongly. It's nice to be assured of the heart behind the beauty of such designs.

Keep up the good work.
HsgProds Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2006
I've always like your drawings, esepcially your angels and demons. You might want to do other type of drawings when you're bored of it... but you should also continue on the series sometimes! XD

Sorry, I hope I can say something more meaningful...
dragonflame327 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
It's a beautiful final picture. She's very pretty. I like the single wing, and the flowers. ^^

I loved the series myself. And now I'm curious as to what those dreams were? Maybe you could reply to this or note me about them. I'm honestly curious and interested now. Artists, for that matter anyone, have to have pride in their work otherwise they won't get better.^^
tangledhelix Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
<3 that's all i can say for your angels and demons....
Gukkor Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
Excellent work, as always. This beauty have a name, perchance?
Hornee1 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006   Traditional Artist
well. I figure you're only a one-trick pony if YOU get annoyed with it.

if drawing FABULOUS angels and demons gets to be boring; do something else, DA be DAMNED!

HOnestly tho' you are an amazing artist. even the "doodles" you do in ballpoint while you are waiting for the bus, I'm envious of. if it works, you're doing the right thing.
all of your little fanboys (like me) drool over all the stuff you do.
some of may :+fav: pieces have been the complete "not an angel but I'm doing it anyway" pieces

but if i ever wanted an angel/demon/lace design, I'd definetly come to you

hang in there!
lady-dragonish Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
we love you, wen-m!!!
mesitka Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
She looks wonderful... thanks to those colors the picture looks so fresh.. light.. dreamy.. and of course angelic :) Though the green on the flower bucket is maybe too shiny...
KurtBelcher1 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
Great work! This is one of my favorites of your designs.

Mikit-Yorinao Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
Yay, color! I have been missing color drawings, and I do like more variety than demons and angels, because there is so much else you can draw as well.

For instance, every time you draw lace it never fails to be elegant and soft looking.
LaharlDemon Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
Kawaii is so beautiful=^_^=
supergirlanna Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
beautiful, a very elegant look
FullMetal-Chrno Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
gureiduson Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
But you're better now?
Schieben Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
brotherpanda Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006   Artisan Crafter
Even if it was your first one, it's still great, even without all the crazy fancy armor,feathers, and doodads like the other ones. Hooray from your famousosity!
BunnySmut Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006
I get all depressed during the wintertime...nostalgic isn't something I can really be since I'm probably not old enough, but I don't envy you for that, I'll probably despise the feeling if I ever get there.
xyr Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006
this is beautiful. you're an awesome artist and deserve all your victories :D i enjoyed looking at all your wonderful drawings in this series :D thank you :worship:
Laphyette Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006
This definateley proves that you're one of the best on DA right now. Even when you don't draw a jaw-droppingly detailed picture, it's still clean and composed and gorgeous.
LadyofKaos Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006
Amazing and beautiful as always. Once again, I love the colour scheme you've chosen :)
edsfox Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
I dont know why but the tipography is kind out of the "style"..
Just that the drawings are great but the tipography is making them a not looking concept..

By the way.., I love the series.. :D

I love demons and angels.., and maybe Im going to start a series too... ^.^


cryingpain Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006
Awesome :)
Freyjastear Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2006
Very elegant and soft. I even like the simplicity of the colors. :) Yay for you finishing up this little project! Can't wait to see some more stuff in color! :horns:
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