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December 28, 2012
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SOC: Valenna by Wen-M SOC: Valenna by Wen-M

Name: Valenna
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7''
Job : Healer in the Earthran army.
Species: Chirp~Chirp (or at least that's what she figured since that was what the birds always called her. And since she has no clue herself, she figured they must know better.)
  • Healing Pollen: Her main ability is to use the glowing golden pollen produced by her flowers to heal wounds. It can be used topically, but then also either seep in through the pores or inhaled to heal internal injuries or ones that go deep.
  • Poison spikes: As an offensive mode she can produce spikes along her body that can be shot at extremely high speed and with great accuracy. Depending on the circumstance she can produce two toxins. One that glows blue and silences and one that glows green and paralyzes.
  • Buffing Pollen: when willed, her healing pollen can also cause a few different friendly effects. From lending a boost of speed, empowering spells, or even turning one's skin to a tougher bark like surface to absorb more damage.
  • Personal regenerative properties. As all plants do, Valenna is able to regenerate her limbs. Though depending on what it is, is the amount of time for it to happen. (i.e. a bit of finger can take 15 minutes, a whole arm may take a week or two)

  • None

History: Carried to Deta by a bird when still just a seed, Valeen took root in the fertile grounds of the rainforest and grew up healthily. However she was very lonely. Despite the wide array of animals that inhabited the area and even the occasional human, she never came across anything that even remotely looked like she did. She talked and played with the animals, always very slowly exploring her surroundings. Once, she came across a human village and being eager to learn more about everything she went right in. Luckily her innocent nature showed quite obviously and the villagers didn't attack her outright despite her appearance. They weren't exactly welcoming, but not unkind either. They allowed her to stay and even taught her a decent amount of the common language. One man in particular took care of her more than the rest. He was elderly and already lost many family members in the war so was more than happy to take the young girl in. As much as she liked it there, she could tell that it was not meant to be her own home. Noticing this, the old man encouraged her to travel. To gain experience as well as earn honest friends and family.
Not too long after leaving she realized that despite her time with the villagers she had never chosen or been given a name. At first she thought to take one of the villager's as that was all she knew, but then thought better of it. As the pondered, not wanting to be introducing herself as 'chirp~chirp' again, she heard a faint calling in the distance.. A traveler had seemed to have lost his companion..
"Valeeeeeeeeenaaaaaaa~!!" he shouted again and again before fading. Valenna.. she liked the sound of that. Of course she hoped the person the man was looking for was alright, but it seemed to suit her fancy just fine.

It was only a few days later that the war was brought to her immediate attention. As she was just leaving the edge of the forest and heading into the murkier swamps of Dunya, she came across a rather fierce skirmish. From what she could tell it was one side versus the other.. And one side was obviously loosing. The one winning was lead by a loud man with brightly colored hair that jumped about as he fought like some of the lizards she had known in the forest. Very interesting!
Though what drew her into actually doing more than curiously watching was that some of the loud men's people had crawled away from the fighting and over to safety.. Which happened to be where Valenna currently was. Without even thinking or asking, she began to heal them. Once the battle was over, the man with bright hair approached her and without using many words, basically told her she was now part of the Earthran Army... It was a very haughty and obviously assuming directive but Valenna found herself glad actually. This little bit of interaction and being of help had felt nice. As she followed the troop back to the city of Fahlenwood she made friends with a particular young woman in beautiful flowing robes of blue named Aries. Between her and the brightly haired man, who she found to later be named Dorian, she started to feel that she might be on the right path to finding what she was seeking.

  • Very compassionate. Her greatest desire is to have friends and possibly even family someday.

    •Has horrible social skills though. Then again her companions for most of her life have been wild life and plants. Despite the bit of time she spent at the small village she still has yet to grasp things such as personal space and all types of relationships, especially romantic ones. However the fact that most of Earthra is so diverse makes things easier for her to continue learning.

    •Even though she is now part of the Earthran Army, she is always on the look out for any bits of information that might tell her -what- she actually is, and even better where she may have originally come from so she can be very curious in regards to just about everything.

Likes: Really colorful birds, mildly warm sunlight, mildly cool shade, fresh water and rich soil, hugs and good conversations.
Dislikes: Being alone, being made to feel outcast and un wanted, killing (though she will fight to save herself, friends and country men, she always tries to avoid killing)
Additional Information:
  • Eats by digging her feet into soil to soak up nutrients. She can eat human food though considering how it usually has too many things in it that she doesn't need, she tends to avoid it if possible.
  • Thinks cities are silly and unnecessary even though they can be very interesting.

Application/Background by *Deamond89

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