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Stacey as Faery of Water by Wen-M Stacey as Faery of Water by Wen-M
this is alot different from the original concept, and I totally screwed it up. =( hopefully i will paint a better version of it later on.

anyways, the original concept was to have her in the stream under some Plumerias trees and there will be sun lights shinning onto the bottom of the stream. I think I really messed up on the composition and just kinda lost the interest but i finished it because I still like the green.
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bgrgd300 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
i like this one! it has feeling in it
mintyoreo Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2008
nice and relaxing, like in a spa :L
lilmidnight Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008
Hm, this reminds me of Ophelia!
Deszeldian Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2008
she looks so relaxed and serene, the water is so realistic, yet another fave from me... :+fav:
CathM Featured By Owner May 12, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very great job:heart:

..broken wings on my arms..
cutiekidd Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2007
lol no worries. although it wasn't quite what you planned it to be, it still turned out really well.
Ancheliq Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It looks perfect for me ;)
mrshan Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2005  Professional
. . ...luv it!
EarthMother4742 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2005
I think it's really beautifully Wen. And I'm adding it to my favorites, so HA!
mezzzmorized Featured By Owner May 21, 2005   Writer
:meditation: Thats very cool !good job!:meditation:
BloodofAkasha Featured By Owner May 9, 2005
Waterlily pond in University of Beijing...right.....okay...sry.....i was taught about it in it's like stock.....
kitton Featured By Owner May 6, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
I really love her face. her hair and that green are gorgeous! Lovely work! The little fishes are so cute, too!
Wen-M Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
nedesem Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2005
it could be more... violent... with a big shadow of a ... water monster below... aah... whatever... it is beautiful....
HanyouToreru Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
how beautiful
Rikaierain Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005
I'm glad you wound up finishing and posting it then :) Nice perspective, the lily flowers look neat in particular.
AcheronHades Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful work, the fishies look cute and i like her expression.
illusions667 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2004
simply impressive
sorrows-child Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2004
that is some rather spectacular water at the top
Eruresto Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2004
100% GREAT!!
aforb-anduforme Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2004
Holy shit dude!!
thats absolute man
bloody gorgeous i love it :D :D :D
agenza Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2004
this is so pretty ^_^ i love how you did the water and how he dress and hair just flow
Eolhin Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2004   General Artist
I think it is lovely, particularly the hair and face.
skie-archer Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2004
great effects, reminds me of "Ophelie"
very good job! :heart:
Yaguete Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2004
I see this and put to weep ................. I WANT TO DRAW THIS WAY!!!! (That bad is the envy Ž _ Ž .... hehehehe)
chashmodai Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004
beautiful work
i have a dream to do something like this
beautiful colors
lovely touch
skyrose Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004   General Artist
Aww she looks so happy ^^ The realism is beautiful, but it still manages to retain a sense of style. :clap:
Chossenji Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004   Traditional Artist
:D woah thats really good! Realism is striking in this pic, i had to check it twice! Keep it up Wen!
Wen-M Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004
thanks yo
Chossenji Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004   Traditional Artist
No problem ;)
Yamatoking Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004
This is so wunderfull green,you're art rocks!
I must fave this,its wonderful there so much details in it .
I just miss some toads in the water,or other little creepy creature...XD
shan-puu Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2004  Professional General Artist
really love it!!!
blumley Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2004
Simply incredible...stunning.
evillives Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2004
wow thats so beautiful :D i thought she was lying ina field then i noticed the ripples and the um...title last haha, im so thick headed :D well anyways, great job :) i love it :D
Isabel-Valero Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2004  Student Digital Artist
this is gorgeous! i really love it!
Vel-Asunai Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2004  Professional General Artist
I think it's very beautiful- the way her body just flows there and the expressin on her face and the clothing. Great work ^^
Mako-Fufu Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2004  Professional General Artist
OMG!! Itīs so beautiful!!! :love:
Virdilak Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2004
Lovely perspective. I dig the little fishes. :)
Wen-M Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2004
:worship: thank you
dtrammell Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice... I don't think you screwed up the composition at all. The image is very well balanced and keeps your eye moving around. I do understand what you meant by not being able to get the water effects right; water, especially from directly above like that, can be quite tricky to get right.
Wen-M Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2004
thanks =)
KensukeTheCat Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh... my... :jawdrop:

as always, +fav!!! ^_^
CaroleHumphreys Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
That is so gorgeous. Very nicely done. :)
bretto Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2004
The texture of her dress and her face are just beautiful. I'd love to see, though, some more texture in the waterlillies. As big blobs of green they just do no justice to her. I'd also love to see some more natural browns and yellows added instead of the teal.
Wen-M Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2004
hehehe, so true.
I tried to keep to mainly green for this composition tho. (background at least) other wise i would add the colors you suggested.
TehWitness Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2004
*sobs hysterically* There's just no escape. I checked out more of your drawings....they're all good!!!! You should have some morals you evil person, you. When you post crap this awesome, it lowers the awesomeness of those around you with lesser (or non-existant) coolness than you. Think of the losers man, think of the losers!!!
TehWitness Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2004
Lies! All lies! Your pictures tell me otherwise wen.

*leans close to picture and listens*
tehwit: *gasp* What?!
pic: *whisper whisper*
tehwit: You don't say...*nods head*

Yep. Its true. They just confirmed my worst fears. Your cool. Not in the least bit loserish.
Wen-M Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2004
i AM a loser (Y_Y)
crislv Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2004  Professional
I donīt thinkthat you messed up, it is really good.
Only one critic, I think it needs a little of that shine stuff on the water, but I love it, I love greem too!!!
kchilt Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2004  Professional General Artist
Very beautiful composition. Its so calming and soothing to look at. The colors are deep and very involving, its hard to keep my eyes off them. And her form is so free moving, the flow of the piece is so easy and laid back. It sets a wonderful atmosphere with a happy tone that makes one think of happier memories. Very strong emotional and even sound in your talents on the painting. The brushing looks great and blends everything together with a smooth texture. The water is believable but more of a sense of imagination than reality. The addition of all the vibrant flowers really add a great deal to the picture. So easy to drift among the sights in this, you really captured a wonderful moment here. That smile is just perfect, its easy to melt away anything bad when looking at this!
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